[Solved] 5-1 Discussion: The New EHR

In this discussion, you will confront the challenges of teaching physicians and clinical staff about the new EHR, including their requirements for protecting patient information. Using your own research, you will take a position on what a leader should do to encourage support for the new practices.

The new EHR system for physicians and other clinical staff must meet the following mandates and requirements:

  • The HIPAA Security Rule mandates that hospitals implement technical safeguards and workstation security policies to protect PHI, such as automatic logoff of an EHR session after a predetermined period of inactivity.
  • Additionally, the CMS Medicaid EHR Incentive Program requires that healthcare organizations implement computerized provider order entry (CPOE) to successfully attest to meaningful use. CPOE enables providers to electronically enter and share medical information, treatments, and orders, rather than doing so manually, in order to reduce errors and improve efficiency and safety.

Interpret what these legal regulations mean for Mercy Vale Medical Center. Then design an approach to teaching physicians and clinical staff about these two practices or features related to the new EHR. When designing this approach, you will simply provide an overview; you are not required to provide specific details. As a leader, how can you encourage acceptance of these features? Include some collaborative elements to gain buy-in.

In addition, using your own research, provide current arguments and/or statistics to support your position that it is important to comply with these two requirements.

After you post your initial response, react to at least two of your classmates� initial posts. Provide feedback on your peers� training approaches. How might they further improve their trainings? How might you use some of their approaches in your own work? You might also describe your professional experience, detailing what has worked well in training approaches in your organization.

To complete this assignment, review the�Discussion Rubric�document.

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