Week 10 Q A

Q&A 10.1 -3 pages

Assignment Background and Overview

As we come to the end of an educational adventure and journey, please take time to reflect on all that you have learned. This week the questions will focus on the impact of plant-based dietary patterns on mortality and explore where the research and concepts around plant-based eating, may be shaped in the future. Be sure to read the lecture and readings prior to starting this assignment.

🗣️Assignment Instructions

Part 1. Answers can be in point form but should be complete and reflect your understanding of the reading material. Please number responses appropriately. 15 points.

The following questions pertain to the article by Dr. Michael Orlich:

1. Briefly summarize i. the risk of all-cause mortality between vegetarians and nonvegetarians [Table 1], and ii. further broken down by dietary patterns (vegan, lacto-ovo, pesco, semi, versus nonvegetarians).

2. In the discussion, the authors highlight that there are several factors to consider when comparing their results to other populations, and that may limit the generalizability of their results. Briefly summarize their thoughts and observations.

The following questions pertain to the 2003 article by Dr. Joan Sabaté:

3. According to Sabate, what are the differences between an ‘adequate diet’, and an ‘optimal diet’?

4. In your opinion, which of the conceptual models (figures 1, 2, or 3) represents our current understanding of vegetarian diets versus meat-based diets? Take into account Dr. Sabate’s discussion of each of the models, and explain your position.

5. Do you feel that the scientific community has experienced another "paradigm shift" (beyond what Dr. Sabate described) when it comes to the health benefits of vegetarian diets since 2003 when the article was published? Justify your answer. (Consider all the previous modules of this course and the current scientific articles you reviewed for the assignments/discussions)

Part 2. A topic we have not explored in this class is the impact of dietary patterns on planetary health. I think we can all agree that the condition of our physical environment can have an impact on overall health and longevity. Taking this into consideration, find an article (indexed on PubMed and published between 2018-2022) on the impact of diet/dietary patterns, or food manufacturing practices on the environment. 15 points

1. Write a brief summary of the article in your own words (the overall gist of the article, including important findings and conclusions, should be included).

2. In the context of our topic this week, how does this article add to the conversation about plant-based diets and overall human health and longevity? Be specific.

Include references in APA format

Part 3The following are questions pertain to the article by Alshahrani et al. (maximum number of points = 6):

1. Briefly summarize the risk of all-cause mortality according to intake of unprocessed and/or processed red meat [Review Figure 1 & Table 2].

2. What is the trend in meat consumption in the U.S.? How does red meat consumption differ between the Adventist Health Study-2 cohort and other groups? What implications does this difference have on interpreting the results of the study?

3. According to the authors, what are the causal mechanisms that link the intake of red meat and processed meat with mortality?