Level 5: Care of the Adult 3: Research Paper Rubric

Practical Nursing Program

Level 5: Care of the Adult 3

Research Paper Guidelines and Rubric 

Each student will write a research paper from a list of suggested topics.  The topics are broad and the student has the ability to guide the topic as he/she chooses based on the research found.  The due date for this paper is Monday:  June 6,  2022.   This paper will count as 1-unit grade. The student will include the following in the paper:

At least 5 pages and not greater than 6 pages (if greater than 1 page short: no points for this section) Well written with clarity that includes an introduction and conclusion; Must include extensive coverage of topic chosen…student can narrow with instructor guidance Include interdisciplinary collaboration discussion within paper. How do the different health care disciplines work together for optimal care?

5 references from professional sources/databases that are current within the last 5 years if possible

Written in APA format with appropriate double spacing and referencing throughout Proper grammar and spelling

Note:  There will be a 10 point deduction for every day that the paper is late.  A late paper turned in on a clinical day at the FCCTC:PN school will need to be given to either Ms. Hoglund or Mrs. Rundquist with a date written on it and their initials.  If turning in late to Mrs. Ramer or Mrs. Hoffeditz at clinical, a date and instructor initials will need to be on the paper.   IT is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that the date and initials are on a late paper.

Objectives for this experience: (SLO’s 6a, b, c):

Student will utilize professional databases to find current evidence-based practice on a topic chosen by the student relating to geriatric or psychiatric care.

The student will gain basic understanding of APA format for writing professional papers.

The student will gain knowledge to enhance competency of the care of a patient with complex needs.

The student will identify new ways to promote life-long learning.

The student will create a concise research paper with appropriate referencing that demonstrates well-rounded knowledge of topic chosen.

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Practical Nursing Program

Level 5: Care of the Adult 3:  Research Paper Rubric

20 Points
15 Points
10 Points
0 Points
Introduction and Conclusion
Understandable and well thought introduction and conclusion
Has both introduction and conclusion but  disorganized
 Missing either introduction or conclusion
Missing both introduction and conclusion
Length of Paper
Paper length is 5-6 pages
Paper is 1 page or more too long
Paper is 1/2 page too short
Paper 1 page too short
5 References and in APA format
5 or more professional references used and cited in paper with APA
4 professional references with appropriate citing in paper and in APA
3 professional references or missed citing throughout paper or lack of APA format
Less than 3 references and or missed citing throughout paper/ no APA
Body of Paper written with clarity covering topic well including collaboration
Written with clarity with coverage of topic with collaboration included
Written with clarity but missing 1-2 areas of information
Written in disorganized manner or missing 3-4 areas of information
Written in disorganized manner and missing more and 4 areas  of information
Spelling and Grammar
Less than 2 spelling and grammar mistakes
3-4 spelling and grammar mistakes
5-6 spelling and grammar mistakes
Greater than 7 spelling and grammar mistakes

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