Unit 6: GB512 Business Communications


The following Course Outcome is assessed in this assignment:

GB512-4: Create presentations that achieve a defined business purpose.

In  this assignment, you will do some research on a product or service or  an environmental initiative. Then, you will create an original  presentation following the instructions below.


1) Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with audio of no fewer than 12 and no more than 15 slides with speaker notes, and 3–4 bulleted points per slide, summarizing either:

A.  An improvement to an existing product or service you have envisioned in  the role of a product specialist at a company. You will present to the  parent company’s marketing and sales department manager that produces  the product or service.


B.  An environmental initiative you would like to propose to your local  town council for consideration. It can concern air quality, waste  recycling, water quality, mitigation of embankments or lake areas to  prevent floods, etc.

2)  Make sure that your recorded audio explanation is clear and concise,  and addresses the appropriate audience such that the listener has  sufficient information to initially approve your proposal.

3)  Record the audio portion to auto-advance, presenting your PowerPoint  and include speaker notes below each slide in the notes section. Make  sure your audio portion is not merely a reading of the slide bulleted  points. You must use graphics to illustrate your points and follow  presentation best practices based on the practice activity and  summarized presentation suggestions as seen in your reading.

4) Any short citations and a references slide must follow APA 7th edition format and citation style.

5)  Submit your final audio-visual presentation to the assignment Dropbox  once you have checked your presentation for correct spelling, grammar,  and punctuation.

Student Note:

Any  proposal found to contain more than 15% direct quote will be subject to  scrutiny for violation of the University’s Policy of Academic Integrity  and point deduction could be substantially higher depending upon the  prevalence of direct quote. Any submission that is plagiarized or  otherwise violates academic integrity will earn a grade of “0” and the  incident will be reported to the Provost’s Office.

Any  submission containing grammatical errors that are so serious as to  interfere with delivery of the message earns a grade of 0. Serious  grammatical errors include sentence errors — fragments, run-on  sentences, comma splices. Further, errors in coherence, punctuation,  organization, and logic have the potential to earn a grade of 0. Such  errors present a serious obstacle in conveying your ideas and  submissions containing such errors cannot earn a passing grade. At the  professor’s discretion, revisions may be permitted.

Any  submission that fails to address the topic given or the assignment goal  will earn a grade of 0 and/or a request for revision by the instructor.