Assessment Briefs | Care of the Older Person 5N2706

Assessment Activity Description and Instructions to Learner

Please follow the guidelines below when completing the project:

-     Word count for the project – 2500 words (+/- 10%)

-     Research – you need to conduct your own research in relation to the topic using appropriate external sources.

-     The project should be typed and use headings as appropriate.

-     If basing your project on a client you care for please ensure that you maintain confidentiality at all times.

You are required to complete a project on  one of the following topics:

•   A client with a chronic illness such as Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease.   OR

•   An older person with depression or other mental health illness.

Your project should include the following headings: Introduction – 9 marks

•   Description of the illness chosen (4 Marks)

•   Prevalence of the illness in Ireland and worldwide. Compare statistics and detail differences (3 Marks)

•   Describe how cultural and ethical issues impact the disease (2 Marks)

Main Body – 20 marks

•   Discuss the care needs of the client in terms of physical, emotional and intellectual needs (6 Marks)

•   Describe the potential changes that may need to be made due to the diagnosis of the illness (4 Marks)

•   Discuss your role in the care of the client (3 Marks)

•   Discuss the role: - the care setting has in the clients overall care (2 Marks)

- the other members of the care team (MDT) have in the clients overall care(2 Marks)

•     Discuss 3 services that can improve the quality of care of the client for example: day centres, evening classes, social groups etc., specifically related to the illness chosen (3 Marks)

Conclusion – 8 marks

•   Planning for end of life care is an important part in the care of clients:

- discuss ways to approach the subject of end of life care with the client (2 Marks)

- how/where might you gather the information in a sensitive and caring manner(2 Marks)

•     Detail 2 health promotion initiatives that you could implement with the client, specifically related to the illness chosen (4 Marks)

Marks will also be allocated for the following: - (3 Marks)

•   Demonstrate evidence of critical thinking, additional research and correct referencing (2 Marks)

 •   Formatting of project and overall layout (1 Marks)