1-2 Journal: The Impact of Coding Errors

HIM 600 Module One Journal Guidelines and Rubric

The Impact of Coding Errors

Overview: In this course, journals are used for reflection. Journal activities in this course are private between you and the instructor. In this journal assignment, use the case study and other module resources to identify incongruent practices within healthcare organizations and explore the potential issues that may arise, such as audits by payers and the recoupment or reimbursement for unsubstantiated claims.

Prompt: First, review Chapter 5 in your textbook as well as the article “How Does Your Coding Measure Up? Analyzing Performance Data Gives HIM a Boost in Managing Revenue,” linked in the 1-2 Journal description. Then, review the Healthy Health Center Case Study document to identify inconsistencies with best practices and federal regulations. Also consider your posts in the module discussion.

In a journal, address the following:

 What inaccuracies in practice and policy do you observe within the case study organization? Briefly describe the inaccuracies.

 What do you believe is the impact of coding errors on the case study organization? Briefly discuss the impact.

 What opportunities do you see for positive change in implementing a coding compliance program? Briefly describe the opportunities.

Refer to the case study and module resources to support your responses.


Guidelines for Submission: Submit the assignment as a Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Your journal assignment should be 3 to 4 paragraphs in length.


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