[Solved] HIM 600-6-1 Presentation: The PEPPER Report


For this activity, you will evaluate the most current Healthy Health Center PEPPER Report for single CC/MCC use and, based on your review, determine if Healthy Health Center is considered an outlier.

You will then develop a procedure to monitor single CC (complication or comorbidity) and MCC (major complication or comorbidity) submissions, and, if notable errors are made, outline a procedure for resubmission of claims and self-disclosure reporting to the OIG.

To complete this assignment, review the Module Six Presentation Guidelines and Rubric document.

Short-Term Acute Care Hospitals. (n.d.). PEPPER.

Overview: A health information manager must lead process improvement not only on the organizational-management level, but also through the training and guidance of coding professionals. Throughout the course, you will prepare brief PowerPoint training presentations—in Modules Three, Four, Six, and Seven. These presentations will help you prepare for Final Project II, the coding compliance training presentation that you will present to health information managers at the case study organization, Healthy Health Center.

For this activity, you will create a training presentation in which you evaluate the most current Healthy Health Center PEPPER Report for single CC/MCC use. Based on your review, determine if Healthy Health Center is considered to be an outlier.

Prompt: First, read PEPPER for the HIM Professional: PEPPER for the HIM Professional: Comparative Data Supports Efforts to Improve Coding Accuracy and Documentation and the PEPPER User’s Guide, pages 3–4, 17, 23–24. Then, analyze the Healthy Health Center PEPPER Report spreadsheet, linked in the 6-1 Presentation task description in the course.

In a brief PowerPoint presentation (as a training vehicle aimed at health information managers), address the following:

Note: Your PowerPoint presentation should be fit to present to the leadership team of the healthcare organization. Be sure to anticipate questions that leaders such as the chief financial officer (CFO) or the chief information officer (CIO) might have, and include answers to these questions in the notes sections of the slides.

Below are links that offer helpful tips and examples for developing your presentations: 

• Making PowerPoint Slides

• Beyond Bullet Points: Unlocking the True Value of Your Story

• Really Bad PowerPoint (and How to Avoid It)


Guidelines for Submission: Your PowerPoint presentation should be 4-5 slides in length, excluding title and reference slides. Adhere to the latest edition of APA formatting. 

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