[Solved] HIM 675- 1-3 Activity: Access Minitab


In this course, you will use Minitab. For this assignment, you must access Minitab and provide a screenshot of the successful access on your computer. Then, submit a document with this screenshot to your instructor.

A Minitab account has been created for you so please check your email for an invitation from Minitab Customer Support with the subject “Your Minitab Statistical Software Subscription”.  If you don’t see it, please check your spam or “other” folder.  Follow the directions in the email to get started.  You can also use the First time Logging into Minitab Online resource which will walk you through the steps to get started.

Then review the Minitab User’s Guide and the Lessons from Minitab Help. For additional experience, you can take the Minitab Quality Trainer course (click the Minitab Quality Trainer tab), available through Minitab, which will teach you how to use Minitab to analyze data. You will be automatically enrolled in Minitab Quality Trainer when your account is created. Use the How to Access the Minitab Quality Trainer resource for information on how to access the Minitab Quality Trainer.

This is a pass/fail assignment.

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