Case 2 Module 3 Assignment: Therapeutic Uses of Stem Cells

Case Assignment:

To complete your essay for this assignment, I select the highlighted biotechnology/genetic engineering topics below and answer the following questions in essay format:

  • Therapeutic Uses of Stem Cells

1.     Summarize the technology (How is it done? What is it used for?)

2.     What people or companies are interested in doing research on this topic?

3.     What are they trying to discover or do?

4.     What have they already done with this technology?

5.     Why are they trying to do it/or what is the ultimate goal in the future?



Assignment Expectations:

Organize this essay assignment using subtitles that summarize the topic from each question above. For example, to answer Question 1, use a descriptive subtitle like the following: Introduction to Animal Cloning.

Your essay should be approximately 1.5-2 pages in length. Answer each question under the subtitle using complete sentences that relate back to the question. Be sure to use APA formatting throughout your essay with 1-inch margins, 12-point type, and double spacing throughout. Include a title page, introduction, answers to the questions with subtitles, and a concluding paragraph. Remember to include in-text citations within the body of the essay referencing your resources (i.e. Murray, 2014). Also, be sure to include a reference section at the end of your assignment listing all required readings and any additional resources you used to complete your essay.


Direct quotes should be limited and must be designated by quotation marks. Paraphrased ideas must give credit to the original author, for example (Murray, 2014). Direct copying from “homework help” websites will not receive credit.