Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals


In this Module, you will be considered a Strategic Management subject matter expert. You will blog about important aspects of the Strategic Management process, using articles about current events pulled from reputable sources (e.g., trade journals, newspapers, or magazines such as The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Business Week, or Forbes) to support your key arguments.

For the Module 1 SLP, find a recent article that provides an example of an organization that appears to be successful (or that has been unsuccessful) in fulfilling its Mission, Vision, Values, or goals

Your main article(s) for your blog entry must be no older than 12 months. You may, of course, use older sources to support your discussion and analysis; however, the current event article serving as the main focus of your paper must be no more than 12 months old.

Remember that you are playing the role of a business expert who is blogging in the context of Strategic Management. The key is to convey to the public the importance of the Mission, Vision, and/or Values statements or organizational goals in a Strategic Management context. You will need to provide examples of an organization that has done particularly well (or one that has done poorly) in fulfilling its stated Mission, Vision, Values statements, or its goals.  


SLP Assignment Expectations

The minimum length requirement for this SLP Assignment is 3 full pages (excluding Title and Reference pages), including 2 scholarly sources.


The 3 full pages will include an introduction, a body of work with 2 scholarly sources cited to support your work, and a conclusion (that aligns with your purpose statement, summarizes each section, and then wraps up into a final thought).