Team Simulation Quarter 1 | Unit 2 Assignment

There are three assignments due this unit, one of which is ongoing.

Ongoing Assignment: Team Simulation Quarter 1 (Review the Simulation details, teamwork details and peer evaluation instructions.)

Starting in this unit you will participate in a business simulation exercise as part of a team process. Your instructor has set up teams and logon information to the simulation. If you have not logged into the Team Area below Unit 6 and into the simulation, please do so ASAP. The purpose of the Marketplace Business Fundamentals Simulation is to explore your skills (and those of your teammates) in managing the various aspects (functional areas) of the business system, a key component of business acumen. The simulation is a low-risk opportunity to test your problem-solving, decision-making, leadership, and business acumen skills. The greater effort you make to grapple with your business system, the better your learning regarding what it will take to move you toward mastery of your professional objective. This simulation will also be the organization you will use to develop the Final Team Presentation. Quarter 1 of the simulation is due this unit.

Marketplace Simulation

Unit 2: Complete Quarter 1

Unit 3: Complete Quarter 2

Unit 4: Complete Quarter 3

Unit 5: Complete Quarter 4

Use your Team Area (below Unit 6 on the left hand navigation) to collaborate on ideas for your Marketplace Simulation.

You will need to access the Assignment grading rubric located in the Course Resources area for additional details and grading criteria on each Unit’s assignment.

Assignment 1: Team Introduction Paper

You will be working with your team this week on the 1st quarter of simulation game play. Creating a good foundation for the team’s progress, this Team Introduction Paper will include information on how the team has prepared to conduct its work, both from a team organization and personal contribution perspective. For this paper, you will be completing the Team Charter worksheet and include the information as applicable throughout the relevant sections of this paper.

In your Team Introduction Paper, you will need to complete the Traitify evaluation from the Career Center. This will aid in your personal contribution perspective.

You will need to view this video to learn about the Traitify Evaluation.

Use your private Team Area (below Unit 6 in the left-hand navigation) to learn about each team member and write a paper introducing your team. View the grading rubric for full instructions.

Submission Instructions: One team member will be submitting this Team Introduction Paper to the Unit 2 Assignment 1 Dropbox by Tuesday night before end of the unit. 

Assignment 2: Peer and Self-Evaluations

Peer and self-evaluations are completed in Units 2,4, and 6. You will receive points for each completed evaluation. To receive full points, you must give feedback to peers and evaluate your own performance on all team activities, including work completed in the simulation. Comments will be required to support your ratings.


The confidential evaluation process rarely takes more than 10 minutes to complete

  1. Your instructor will set up the evaluation to launch in Units 2, 4, and 6.
  2. You will receive an email from the instructor through the Marketplace email system to inform you the evaluation is live.
  3. Logging into Marketplace will take you to the evaluation page, where you must complete the evaluation by THE END OF THE UNIT TUESDAY NIGHT AT 11:45 EST.
  4. The welcome screen will take you through each step of the process, which includes confidentially evaluating all team members and yourself.
  5. If you make an error in your evaluation scores and wish to revise them, send an email to your instructor prior to the Tuesday night deadline to have your evaluation reset.
  6. Evaluation data will be released after the deadline for completion on Tuesday night.

• NOTE: You cannot see your scores until you have completed all of your peer evaluations
The evaluation survey will ask you questions in these areas and will be used to help evaluate team performance in the simulation

    • Part I - How does this person (or yourself) work on the team?
    • Part II- How does this person (or yourself) work with you (others)?
    • Part III- How helpful has this person (or yourself) been to the team?
    • Comments Section Please offer comments about your teammate’s (or your own) performance, including strengths as a team member and areas for improvement.

NOTE: As part of the comments area information, please include specific information on overall team member and personal participation for all team-based activities.


Musselwhite, C. (2007, January 1). Building and leading high performance teams.