Unit 3 Journal

Journals are used to keep track of thoughts, ideas, and occurrences. In this course, you will be keeping track of your thoughts about certain topics presented. You are to post to the journal in your own words about your own thoughts on the topic. Your textbox posting is private and will only be shared with your instructor.

You should post a minimum of 300 words.

Topic: Reflection on Thomas Video

Evan Thomas, former editor at large for Newsweek, shares strategies for student writers to improve their writing with a specific focus on email. For this week’s journal entry, you will reflect on the advice Thomas provides.

Access the video. Respond to the checklist items.


  • Respond to the journal prompt using analysis and critical thinking in no fewer than 300 words using conventional English.
  • What two points in the Thomas video for this unit impress you as being most significant in guiding email communication? Why?