Unit 3 Assignment

Persuasive Request to Pursue Research Email

Typically, before a writer expends energy on a research proposal, they ask for permission from their decision-maker to start the project. You practiced researching a project in the learning activity. In previous units, you have demonstrated persuasive writing strategies. Now use what you learned about persuasive writing in this assignment.

You will write an email to your decision-maker requesting permission to move forward with your topic for the researched proposal to solve a problem or address a weakness in your workplace or community. You will provide evidence to support the viability of your topic.


  • Contains no fewer than 500 and no more than 700 words.
  • Follows correct email format.
  • Includes subheadings to break up sections of the email.
  • Describes the problem or project you want to work on and explains its significance.
  • Integrates at least two viable sources into the request to demonstrate research is available to support the topic.
  • Provides current 7th edition APA formatted in-text citations and references pages.
  • Contains no grammatical or mechanical errors.

Submit your response to the Unit 3 Assignment Dropbox.

Student Note:

Any proposal found to contain more than 15% direct quote will be subject to scrutiny for violation of the University’s Policy of Academic Integrity and point deduction could be substantially higher depending upon the prevalence of direct quote. Any submission that is plagiarized or otherwise violates academic integrity will earn a grade of “0” and the incident will be reported to the Provost’s Office.

Any submission containing grammatical errors that are so serious as to interfere with delivery of the message earns a grade of 0. Serious grammatical errors include sentence errors — fragments, run-on sentences, comma splices. Further, errors in coherence, punctuation, organization, and logic have the potential to earn a grade of 0. Such errors present a serious obstacle in conveying your ideas and submissions containing such errors cannot earn a passing grade. At the professor’s discretion, revisions may be permitted.

Any submission that fails to address the topic given or the assignment goal will earn a grade of 0 and/or a request for revision by the instructor.