Unit 6 Assignment 2:

This is an individual Assignment. Each member of your team will submit his/her own individual peer evaluation form, including their self-evaluation.

Access the individually submitted peer evaluation form to be submitted Assignment 2 Dropbox.

Access the individual peer evaluation Assignment 2 rubric.


Peer Evaluation to be submitted by each member of the assigned Team:


You will need to rate each team member using a scale of 1 – 5 with 1 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest rating. The rating scale is as follows: 1 – strongly disagree, 2 – disagree, 3 – neutral, 4 – agree, and 5 – strongly agree. For example, the team member assisted in planning, decision-making, and problem solving.1 –strongly disagree, 2 -disagree, 3 – neutral, etc. Equal scores will indicate that all contributed equally to the project. Please include yourself in your rating.


1 – Strongly Disagree   2 – Disagree  3 –Neutral  4 – Agree   5 – Strongly Agree

Team Member Namesà

Team Member 1:


Team Member 2:


Team Member 3:


Team Member 4:


Team Member 5:


Team Member 6:


The team member assisted in planning, decision-making, and problem solving.







The team member attended meetings or interacted and provided feedback to other members on a timely basis.







The team member took the initiative to meet all team responsibilities.







Total Rating (sum)
















Unit 6 Assignment 2:

Individual Peer Evaluation Criteria



Points possible

Points earned

This is an individual assessment of how the Team performed.





Completes and submits the 360-degree assessment to the Assignment 2 Dropbox.




Final Score


Total points possible: 15