GB518 Financial Accounting Principles and Analysis- Unit 3 Assignment

GB518 Case Project Part 1

The case project spans Unit 3, Unit 4, and Unit 5. For the case project, you are to complete a series of “Continuing Problems” from your textbook. Those continuing problems involve a series of business issues related to the Cookie Creations (CC) company progressive narratives in the textbook end-of-chapter resources.


Part 1 of the continuing case, due in Unit 3, includes four elements:

1) APA title page,

2) APA completed abstract,

3) APA headings and subheadings, and

4) APA reference list, with no fewer than 5 preliminary references included.

The full Case Study Paper will be due in Unit 4. A PowerPoint presentation for the Case will be due in Unit 5.

The Case Project should be considered a single assignment, not three separate assignments. Therefore, do not overemphasize the score on any single component of the Case. Rather, take a broader and more accurate view of the Case Project as a single, unified assignment worth a total of 200 points. The Case point distribution is as follows: 

Part I (Due Unit 3) - The Initial Formatting/Outline                 =          25 Points 

Part II (Due Unit 4) - The Full Paper (Analysis)                                  =       100 Points

 Part III (Due Unit 5) - The Case PowerPoint presentation    =          75 Points

Total Case Assignment Points            =       200 Points 

The textbook, Continuing Problem Assignment Instructions, Classroom/course Assignment instructions, etc. use several terms interchangeably. The following terms can be understood as referring to your Project or individual elements of the Project: Case Project, Continuing Problem, Continuing Case, “CC,” “CCC.” If you have any questions about any of the terminology, please bring them the Virtual Office.

Much of the Case Project will be an exercise in developing your critical thinking skill and your ability to follow instructions. Therefore, be sure to read all Assignment instructions (all units: 3, 4, & 5) very carefully before starting the writing process.

Very Important Initial Gentle Reminder: If you do not understand plagiarism and how to avoid violating the rules of academic integrity, please review the tutorial in the classroom titled “Plagiarism.” It can be found under the Academic Tools tab. All written assignments will be submitted to Turnitin to determine originality of content. If you do not understand the rules for proper attribution of sources, please carefully review the information available in the Writing Center in the tutorial titled “Using Sources.” Unit 3 Case Part 1

Assignment Specifics: 

Part 1 of the Continuing Case, due in Unit 3, includes: creating the title page, the abstract, a “framework” outline of all Level 1 and Level 2 APA headings and subheadings, and a preliminary reference list for a formal analysis paper. For the Case, you are to complete a series of “Continuing Problems” from your textbook. No other content is appropriate in the Unit 3 Case Assignment Part 1.

The Continuing Case (CC) Problems involve a series of business issues related to the Cookie Creations company progressive narratives in the textbook end-of-chapter resources. These are the CC you will complete: 

Textbook’s Continuing Case Problems: 

  • CC 1 – p. 1–46 in the physical text.
  • CC 2 – p. 2–43 in the physical text.
  • CC 5 – p. 5–51 in the physical text.
  • CC 7 – Part 1, only, p. 7–54 in the physical text.
  • CC 8 – Requirement (a), only, p. 8–45 in the physical text.

Although not due in Part 1 or 2, the following additional Continuing Problem will be included in the Unit 5 Case Part 3 PowerPoint Assignment: 

  • CC 11– Part 1 (a), only, p. 11–52 in the physical text.

You should preview the Unit 4 & 5 Assignment instructions.

The full Continuing Problem Narratives are not included in the physical textbook pages. Also, do not try to locate the full CC narratives at the Textbook Companion Website.  

Rather, ALL detailed Case Project instructions are located in the Course Resources in the left navigation panel in the GB518 Classroom.

The order of presentation must follow the grading rubric order. Use the CC Problem elements and the grading rubric as a guide to your basic outline (i.e., headings and subheadings) for your paper. Do not present a Roman numeral outline. You may use the individual CC Problem parts to build your headings and subheadings. The rubric is provided in the Course Recources.. 

Important Notes:  

  1. Your Unit 3 Assignment should only include sufficient page length to include: title page, abstract, headings and subheadings (for the full analysis), and a preliminary reference list.
  2. You must use the APA template provided in the classroom as the basis for constructing your Unit 3 Assignment. Be sure you eliminate all APA template content and replace it with your own Assignment content.
  3. The physical textbook only supplies a portion of the complete narrative in some CC Problems. Therefore, you must use the full, detailed instruction documents located in the Course Content. 
  4. Part 2 in Unit 4 will be an analysis; do not present an “interview” format with questions and answers. Do not simply provide “short-answer” responses; use a more formal approach in the communication style. In case you do not understand the difference between formal and informal styles, please review the information provided by the Writing Center in their tutorial “Formal versus Informal Writing.”
  5. A properly formatted title page with running head is required. The completed abstract is required.
  6. Do not include a table of contents. APA does not use a TOC unless specifically required by the assignment instructions.
  7. Do not repeat or copy the assignment question narratives. You may use abbreviated versions of the questions as headings and subheadings. Anything that artificially increases the length of the paper but does not add value to the analysis will result in a reduced score.
  8. For more specific information and guidance, please access the following tutorial resources available in the Purdue University Global Writing Center:

a.    “How to Write an Abstract”

b.    “How to Get Help with Your Writing”

c.    “APA Headers and Title Page Tutorial”

d.    “Using Headings and Subheadings in APA”

e.    “APA Reference Page”

f.     “Formal versus Informal Writing”

g.    “Using Sources”

The final paper must be presented in a single Word document. The full paper due in Unit 4 must be between 7 and 10 pages in length, not including the title and reference pages.

The paper must use proper APA Publication Manual 7th edition formatting, including title page, running head, abstract, and reference list with properly formatted citations in the body of the paper. Headings and subheadings are required.


After you have completed the Unit 3 Case Paper title page, abstract, outline, and preliminary reference list, upload your Word document to the Unit 3 Assignment Dropbox before 11:59 p.m. ET on Tuesday of Unit 3. 


Use this format for your filename: YourLastName_YourFirstName_Unit#_AssignmentName

(For example: Smith_Joan_Unit3_CasePart1) 


Submit your completed assignment Word document to the Unit 3 Assignment Dropbox. Assignments are due Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. ET of their assigned unit.


The detailed CC problem narratives are not fully included in the physical textbook. So, please review the detailed instructions for all of the CC problems in the Course

Documents in the left navigation.


Assignments submitted late will be subject to the Late Policy described in the Syllabus.