Concept of Sustainable Economic Development in the Context of Developing Countries

Answer any 2 out of the following 5 questions. Also make sure you respond to at least one posting by your classmates with your critical viewpoints.

  1. Briefly describe concept of sustainable economic development in the context of developing countries.

Give a specific example of a country as part of your answer.

  1. What are the main causes of environmental degradation in developing countries? Explain each of those causes and their effect on sustainable economic development
  2. Critically describe the social and economic cost of deforestation and water pollution in developing countries. What is the role of the governments to mitigate those environmental costs? What developed countries can do in helping the governments of developing countries?
  3. How will global warming and climate change adversely impact the "poor," particularly in developing nations? Give a specific country example you have read about.

Hint: Read section 10.3 in Todaro and Smith (2012) textbook of Economic Development and related articles in e-journal library database.

  1. Compare and contrast the path of economic development for Haiti and the Dominican Republic? How did differences in in earlier institutions and the policies pursued by the two nations play a role in determining the development related outcomes?

Hint: Read the case study in Chapter 10 (Todaro and Smith, 2012) of Economic Development and related articles

Please make sure you comply with basic requirements for giving proper citations for each of the questions answered and list of references at the end.