Organizational Assessment

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You will submit the first phase of your organizational assessment by selecting an organization to study. The organizational assessment will proceed by analyzing factors such as leadership, ethics, strategy, economic and financial factors. Each week will be a different facet of the organization so that the final product will be the culmination of each week of analysis.

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Chose two foreign countries and write a report that will help a U.S firm looking for countries to expand.

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Chose two foreign countries and write a report that will help a U.S firm looking for countries to expand. You will need to also consider what your company is good/weak at. Take the company′s reason for going global into consideration in your discussion.

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Classical and Operant conditioning

You will get an opportunity to figure out how principles of learning played important roles in some of your experiences. Write a paragraph or two on each of the following topics for classical and operant conditioning. Your paper is typed, 10 fonts, double-spaced, and at least 2 pages in length. Make sure to use the same headers as below as you complete each section.

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Digital Media Presentation

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This presentation will be based on the argument for a change you wrote about in Unit 8. You can create a video or slide presentation to highlight your main message. A clear argument for change in your community (the one you have been writing about throughout the course). Designed with a specific audience in mind to motivate your viewers to take action or change how they think about the topic.

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Writing Project #2: The Synthesis Essay – Joining the Conversation

Synthesis writing is not argumentative in nature. This type of academic writing allows you to become knowledgeable on a focused narrowed subject by engaging in current research, and examining various perspectives and opinions. You will analyze your sources’ responses to a research question you have developed and will present those views as a “conversation” between your sources.

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Public Relations

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Write a paper (500-750words) in which you evaluate a public relations effort to improve an organization′s public image in the past year. Describe the circumstances behind the image problem, how it affected the organization and its stakeholders, particular market segments affected, and the strategy used to repair the organization′s image

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Research Paper

In this class, you are responsible for writing a minimum 6 page literary research paper on any of the texts we have read in class. For this paper, you will consider a research question, something that you are hoping to answer regarding or theme or topic in the text. Think about what your end goal is, what conclusions you want to achieve, and the point of your research? So what? Why does your research matter?

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