Solved: Developing a Lesson Plan using the ″COE Lesson Plan Template

A large part of a teacher’s responsibility is lesson plan development. The practice of being prepared with well thought out lessons can support learners in meeting learning outcomes. For this assignment, select a grade level K-3. Develop a lesson plan using the ″COE Lesson Plan Template″ that prepares students for learning and is meaningful and appropriate. Consider your field experiences as you develop your lesson plan. The lesson plan must focus on a minimum of one standard within any selected content area. Include differentiated instruction for above average and below average students, and the use of assistive technology for the instruction and assessments. Additionally, include an engaging homework practice activity to continue learning at home that involves the children’s families. Ensure the pre-assessment data was ethically utilized to determine appropriate content area, standards, and differentiated needs for instruction provided. Include any of the following strategies in your lesson plan you feel will help the students succeed: • Direct instruction • Indirect instruction • Collaborative learning • Experiential learning • Independent study • Interactive instruction In addition, in 250-500 words, explain how you used your field experience data to develop this lesson to meet the diverse needs of students. Address how using ethical, responsible assessment practices promotes positive outcomes for each child.