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Film Analysis paper (minimum 4 full pages, plus a reference page, double-spaced, 12-point font) – 250 points.

In this assignment, you will pick one film from the short list below. There needs to be significant urban themes and elements in the film related to the course concepts and material. Write a minimum 4-page analysis of the major urban themes and concepts related to course material which emerge and are depicted in the film. Students will have to cite the readings or other course materials at least four (4) times in this paper, integrating concepts, themes, or theories from the readings, lectures, and class discussions that are relevant to your film of choice. Brief synopsis of the film (one paragraph) What stories and depictions from the film relate to the themes and concepts from the course What are some of the observable urban symbols and icons in the film? What is the significance of these symbols and icons? Provide an analysis of what the film is saying about city life and/or urbanization. Is the film advocating for any type of social change or activism? Is the film merely a descriptive film or is there more to this film? List of films to choose from: Free on Youtube in the “Free with Ads section” as of 6/1/2021 if you don’t mind watching a film with a few ads occasionally interrupting the film: Minority Report Frontera Aeon Flux Other films: If you have access to a streaming service – e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc. try to see if you can access one of the films listed below for free rather than paying to rent/purchase it. A Better Life Amores Perros Biutiful (2010) Blade Runner (1982) or Blade Runner 2049 (2017) Born in East LA Boyz n the Hood Cidade de Deus (City of God) Crash (2004) Dangerous Minds Divergent series – any of the films from this series – Divergent, Insurgent, or Allegiant Elysium Entre Nos Freedom Writers Hunger Games series – you can choose any film from the series Minority Report Paris, je’taime Pleasantville Quinceañera Sin Nombre Stand and Deliver Stepford Wives (1975) or (2004) The Big Short

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