Solved: Business Law

Part 1
Obtain a copy of the Southeastern Underwriter’s Supreme Court Decision (United States v. South- Eastern Underwriters - 322 U.S. 533 (1944) – search online). Review the case details. Obtain a copy of the commerce clause from the US Constitution (10 points) a) What specifically is the case about – outline the issues the case addressed b) Explain the decision the court made according to each of the issues (use the commerce clause to explain issues associated with it that the court considered) c) Develop a plausible restraint of trade scenario for the insurance business that you believe could be something insurers or agencies that might be occurring or could occur today
Part 2 Trial Procedures.
Answer these questions after consulting the text Business Law for Insurance Professionals: (10 points) a) Identify the filing parties and the purpose of the complaint and the answer in a lawsuit. b) Explain the purpose of discovery and some of the tools used during discovery. c) Discuss the three requirements for evidence presented during a trial. d) Contrast two different decisions an appellate court might render regarding important evidence presented at trial