American Constitutional Law

1. Can a president ″self-pardon,″ or pardon himself? Please cite relevant sources on both side of the issue.

2. Would you have voted for President Trump′s impeachment? Why or why not?

3. As we know, while former President Trump was impeached while in office, his trial could not held until he was out of office. Is the trial of a former president constitutional? Please cite relevant sources on both sides of the issue.

4. What were the evidentiary and constitutional arguments made at the trial and what is your opinion of them?

5. Once the trial has taken place, how would you have voted, if sitting as a senator? Why?

Please make sure you have a good title page that has an informative title divided into a title and sub-title. The page should have your name, my name, and the name of the course. The title page should also have a picture which captures an aspect of your paper.

Answer each of the questions based upon your opinion in well-written paragraphs. Once we establish a proper bibliography, cite the arguments on both sides of each issue and explain which side you agree with. Put a Works Cited page at the end of your paper, which references the sources that we will draw from. Again, make sure your paper is well-written.

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