Understanding how to perform sophisticated searches of online information will greatly increase your chances of finding what you want. While most popular search engines let you define your search criteria in very specific ways, not all function identically. Capital Sensitivity If a search keyword is capitalized, the search engine will return only documents containing the capitalized word


CISC 1600, Lab 3.3: Animation and Arrays in p5.js

Vector graphics are created using a set of drawing instructions. This allows them to look crisp and smooth after transformations like growing, rotating, and stretching. They are mainly only practical for drawings, however, as photos are not readily transformed into vector representations. In this example, we will animate a helicopter.

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5.2 Assignment

Provide an example of a multi-table join. • Present the SQL Server code and describe its purpose. o When would it be appropriate to use? o The example can be one you develop from scratch, use at your employment, or have located from some other source. o However, the code must be in Microsoft SQL server; please do not reference other DBMS Software.

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Unit 10: Website Design & Development

The learner is employed as a website design-development consultant in a retail supermarket in UAE that attempts to expand its business operation across the Middle East and African (MEA) region. The ongoing onslaught of pandemic makes the web-based growth strategy, promising. The management believes that using dynamic web technologies, e-commerce capabilities, user-friendly design and web management services would enable the organisation to achieve its vision to expand.

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