Module 4 examines how stars are formed from the matter, or cosmic dust, of “empty” space and how they evolve, live, and eventually die. The mass of a star determines how long it lives and how violently it dies. Planet formation appears to be a common result of star formation, and exoplanets are just about everywhere


Syllabus for AST-101

Introductory Astronomy explores the history and development of astronomy, including the major contributions and discoveries of the scientists who have shaped the field, the objects that can (and cannot) be seen in the nighttime sky, and the birth and fate of the universe

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Final project Data Science

This learning line covers many aspects of Data Science, starting with an introductory course that lays the groundwork, through to reporting and data visualization of the data analysis done. To complete this learning line you will need to demonstrate the following learning outcomes

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Fictitious Case Study

For a number of learning lines, the final integral assignment requires a case study, on the basis of which the assignment is made. In case you do not have your own case, it is possible in consultation with and after approval of the teacher to use the fictitious case of Wire Solutions

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Problem Scenario Sheet for Human Factors

The Vice President, Training and Human Factors, for our airline is concerned that human error, particularly related to overload in the digital flight deck environment, seems to be increasing in the data reported for industry incidents and accidents. Since there are relatively few accidents, the Vice President believes that there may be better information and more relevant data elsewhere. The Vice President, through our Director for Safety Compliance and Human Factors, has tasked you with developing information on this issue and reporting your findings internally

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CIVL2079 – Strength of material

This project will allow student teams to gain in-depth knowledge of the beam analysis process by researching a project, preferably a steel structure project. You are required to do the analysis for a minimum of two different beams sections in any type of project. The project report should not exceed 15 pages in length. It must be prepared using MS Word, 12-point font, page borders of 1- inch, and line spacing of 1.5. All diagrams are to be done by using engineering paper

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