Electrobicycle project

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In the constant growth formula, you can use the required rate of return on equity to determine the value of a share of stock. However, when you are computing the value of an investment project, you cannot assume the project is entirely funded by equity.

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Multi-Year Strategic Financial Plan

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For your signature assignment, based upon the completed assignments for this course, you will prepare a comprehensive strategic plan for your selected department or governmental entity. Be sure to include the following in your strategic plan:Identify your leadership vision for the plan. Explain four or more goals that your plan is designed to achieve.

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Capital Asset Pricing Model

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Choose at least one firm from the 40 firms provided, and calculate the average return, variance, and standard deviation by using the stock return information provided to you. Calculate the industry average return as well as standard deviation for the industry that your selected firm belongs to. Choose one of the three market index and calculate the average return, variance, and standard deviation of the chosen market index returns. Also briefly explain why you select that particular index.

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Critically discuss the alternative asset pricing models. Explain the cons and pros of each model reflecting on the underlying theories and relevant empirical literature. Utilise arguments from the theoretical and empirical literature to support your discussions. Structure your answer for this question into three subsections: I) introduction; II) analytical and critical discussions; III) Conclusion

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