The Journey to Sustainability

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Prior to beginning work on this final paper, review all chapters of Bensel and Carbone’s Sustaining Our Planet text (2020). In this paper, you will explore what a future sustainable world might look like, and in the process of doing so, extend your previous descriptions of selected terms and explain how they may play a role in aiding us in achieving environmental sustainability on a global scale

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GEO 220 Spring 2020-2021

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The goal for this assignment is for each student to introduce their country to the instructor and their classmates from the perspective of a human geographer and the issues/concerns the field considers. This is to be achieved by developing a display about the country.

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AVIA 340 Case Study

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For this Case Study, choose a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) report of a weather-related accident/incident and, along with at least five other sources, investigate what happened in the accident/incident, offer the causes, and the recommendations for the future in order to prevent such an accident/incident. Since this is an aviation weather course, you must highlight the weather-related causes and explore, in depth, the specific weather theory.

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