Employee Relations

Employment Relations Agency Relationships — Liability of Principals and Independent Contractors Cora and Caley, CARDWARE’s co-office managers have determined that CARDWARE Inc. is growing so rapidly that they need to hire a part-time advertising manager to market CARDWARE’s latest business, “Designer Car Seat Covers.” Camille has recommended Nicole Marriott to fill the position

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The common law prior to the Companies Act 2006 did little to solve the various problems that arose between the promoters of a company and third parties, whilst the company was in the process of being incorporated (that is until the company concerned receives its certificate of incorporation from the Registrar of the Companies House).

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Anti-Lockdown and Coronavirus Prevention Act 2021

During the coronavirus pandemic and as a result of the Government’s attempts to impose restrictions that aim to prevent the spread of COVID-19, there are an increasing number of anti-lockdown protests. Fearing that these would both undermine the Government’s pandemic response and give rise to an increase in infections, the UK Parliament passes the (fictitious) Anti-Lockdown and Coronavirus Prevention Act 2021, which comes into force on 1 March 2021, banning all protests and assemblies relating to the Government’s efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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How Gun Violence Exemplifies What is [Right or Wrong] with American Government?

Americans care about a number of issues, in particular the economy, immigration reform, health care and the fate of the health care law, police reform, among many other issues. Government responds to these problems and others through the creation of public policy, a set of laws, regulations and regulations. What issue matters most to you? How has the federal government responded to that issue

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Voting Laws

What are the particulars of the new Georgia voting law which has caused such major concern for the future of voting access there? Describe the recent policies in some other states which have also had voter suppression controversy. How has the Supreme Court’s weakening of the Voting Rights Act impacted these laws in recent years Sources

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Crime Prevention

It seems fairly evident that the 1980s was a time when this country embarked upon a “get tough” approach to crime. As many experts have noted, this led to unprecedented numbers of offenders being sentenced to long prison sentences. Much of this trend was seen in drug offenses and other crimes, and this trend carried over into the 1990s, with strategies such as “three strikes and you’re out” legislation.

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