Cool Hand Luke (1967)

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Watch the film, “Cool Hand Luke” (1967) dir. Stuart Rosenberg and write a film review. The film is accessible and rented on my Youtube account. The link is at the bottom of this request. Make sure to relate / give specific examples from the movie in correspondence with the textbook reading (Film Art Chapter 12

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Performance Review Guidelines

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Your assignment is to watch at least 40 minutes of video performances of musical works by historically important composers, and  then write a review of them.  You may  choose any  composer(s) discussed in the  course textbook, but  you may  not review pieces  for which  there are  listening guides in the  text

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Film Analysis

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In this assignment, you will pick one film from the short list below. There needs to be significant urban themes and elements in the film related to the course concepts and material. Write a minimum 4-page analysis of the major urban themes and concepts related to course material which emerge and are depicted in the film

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Video Event Analysis

  • Post category:Music Watch Frontline′s, ″A Crime of Insanity″ with a view towards evaluating the insanity defense. The video is 55 minutes long. Describe the events outlined in the film and your…

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Digital Media Presentation

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This presentation will be based on the argument for a change you wrote about in Unit 8. You can create a video or slide presentation to highlight your main message. A clear argument for change in your community (the one you have been writing about throughout the course). Designed with a specific audience in mind to motivate your viewers to take action or change how they think about the topic.

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Music History

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Musical instruments are constantly changing, along with the way musicians play them. As a group, how has the orchestra changed since the Baroque Era? Briefly describe its evolution up to the present day. Be sure to include in your discussion

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