DSM-5 Diagnosis

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Jacob is a 30-year-old male who was let go from his job approximately five months ago. Although he has been going on job interviews, he has not been offered any of the positions for which he has interviewed. He recently moved back in with his parents to save some money while he attempts to find another job

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NURS3020 Reflection Paper

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The purpose of this assignment is to allow the student to reflect on a real-life case of cultural disparity and the impact those differences may have on the individual and family’s attainment of health and well-being. Students will have the opportunity to identify culturally congruent practices that can positively influence patient care outcomes

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Ethical Question Argument, Explanation, Defense and Objection

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In the Week 1 assignment, “Ethical Question,” you chose an ethical question, provided an introduction, a position statement and supporting reason, and an opposing position statement and supporting reason. In the Week 3 assignment, “Applying an Ethical Theory,” you explained utilitarianism, deontology, or virtue ethics, including its core moral principle or ideal, and applied that theory to the topic by demonstrating how its principles would support a particular position on your ethical question

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Dementia in Older Adults

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Watch the Alzheimer's Association: Mild Cognitive Impairment Research video to understand the range of cognitive impairments, mild cognitive impairment (MCI), and the importance of distinguishing among the various dementias that can occur with aging.

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NURS-1428 Critical Appraisal Assessment

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This will largely replace Chapter 1 in the handbook and be 1000 words.  It should include an introduction to the background of the chosen topic, (e.g policy context, current research, NICE Guidelines etc) and a clear description of the search methodology employed and thereafter a presentation of the proposed themes that you wish to present as a table/matrix.

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Introduction to Professional Nursing Practice

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As you are startingyour nursing formation, you should be developing your own personal philosophy of nursing. Your philosophy will reflect your values and ideals, and will likely expand as you progress through your coursework and begin your career. It is not a complex task. You will ask yourself some very basic questions such as “What is nursing?” and “Why do I practice nursing the way I do?

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Mental Health Needs

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Evaluate the overall mental health needs of your community. The goal of this section of the paper is to familiarize yourself with the overall community needs regarding mental health. This component is a summary of information about the community and its mental health needs. Describe the community members (overall culture and demographics). In your discussion of mental health needs, describe what resources are already available. You may need to talk with local mental health counselors to discover information.

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Mini-Assignment 3 – Consequences Assignment

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Dr. Jones has attended a meeting on eukaryotic growth factors, and heard her coworker Dr. Sidney Walter give his keynote address. His overview involved some clinical studies, and he showed slides of patients undergoing procedures as part of an institutionally approved clinical trial. In all instances the faces of the patients were clearly visible. On two other slides there were clinical materials depicted, and those were labeled with the patient’s name. One tissue sample was clearly labeled with a tag that read “Mrs. MacDonald.” Mrs. MacDonald is Dr. Jones’ stepmother, and she is upset that her stepmother’s information has been given to everyone attending this lecture.

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