Simulation Experiment Assignment

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Management wants to study Terminal 3 at a hub airport with an eventual eye toward improvement.  The first step is to model it as it is during the 8 hours through the busiest part of a typical weekday.  We’ll model the check-in and security operations only, that is, once passengers get through security they’re on their way to their gate and out of our model. 

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The Internet Knows All

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Using various search engines you will peruse the internet to learn about 21st century ceramic artists (alive and working). Choose one ceramic artist that you find interesting. Using three different websites find information about your chosen ceramic artist. Upload at least 3 examples of their work. In the accompanying essay, explain why you like the work, information that you have learned about the artist and their technique and discuss whether the work has a social/political/cultural/historical or other personal meaning. This essay is not meant to be a biography

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