Cognitive Psychology

You can choose any one from the following:

1. “Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) is a useful intervention for those with mild to moderate dementia”. Discuss this statement with reference to relevant theory and research.

2. “The neuropsychological case studies of HM and Clive Wearing provide us with evidence of different types of memory”. Discuss this statement with reference to relevant theory and research. i have been trying to enclose a file but it isnt working so i will leave it here:

Tips on essay

1. Begin with a broad introduction to the topic/focus. Outline what your essay aims to do/ what you will address or cover.

2. In the second paragraph, begin to systematically address what you aim to discuss.

3. Try to ensure that the literature review content flows in a conceptually systematic format. Begin with a broad focus and narrow the focus on the specific content related to your research area as the review progresses.

4. When describing theories and research studies, if possible, begin with the earlier studies/references and progress on to more recent studies (mainly because as the literature progresses, studies tend to build on or advance the work done previously).

5. Each paragraph needs to have clear, concise and specific content that is logically related to the next. Avoid ad-hoc switching from one topic to another.

6. Try to make sure that you link each paragraph together logically.

7. Provide references to support all statements, desсrіptions, discussions, arguments.

8. Ensure high quality in sentence structuring and formatting: USE APA FORMATTING

9. Avoid posing questions in-text.

10. Include a clear conclusion section – in this, try to explain what all of the content of your essay mean as a whole – what′s the bigger picture – what has been done to date and what still needs to be done? *Note: Word count excludes the references & references section

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