Religion in Early America

Prompt: Choose a prominent American Theme and explore how it is treated in one major text of your choice that is assigned for this class. You may use a selection from the Norton Anthology or the novel Hope Leslie . This is considered your primary source. Focus on one primary source only.

Requirements: The essay will be between 4 and 6 double-spaced pages (it can be longer than 6 but not shorter than 4) and will use one primary source and at least two secondary sources. A primary source will be one of the readings from our class. Secondary sources are scholarly articles or books that discuss either the primary source directly or the theme that you are exploring in the primary source. This is an analytical essay that requires students to use 2-3 secondary sources in addition to the primary source and requires 4-6 in-text citations of the secondary sources’ ideas in the form of summaries, paraphrases, and direct quotations. You will analyze your chosen theme through your own reading of the text and with the support from the secondary sources. I don’t expect you to make a ground-breaking discovery that no one has thought of before. I am simply asking you to discuss the way a theme is treated in the primary source and use secondary sources to support your discussion. Think of the theme as the main issue or question that the text addresses. The primary story is Young Goodman Brown, I attached an abstract with some ideas, I hope it helps Use MLA documentation style to show exactly how you are using all of your sources effectively, both primary and secondary.

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