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Assignment question- In the current challenging environment, marketing managers need to think how digital technologies can be harnessed to create customer, firm, and social value, and how to turn the various challenges into opportunities for competitive advantage.

In the role of MARKETING MANAGER you must do the following:-

1- conduct a case study of an Organisation/brand of your choice & critically discuss how the Organisation/brand could overcome the challenges

2- Develop a strategic marketing plan for the organisation/ brand based on your analysis of the case and with reference to the latest marketing literature.


It can be a business company, government agency or any specific brand of interest.


additional guidelines and expectations:- These 4 points must be covered as it is a Digital marketing assignment. Digital Transformation – this is essential for a firm’s survival and competitiveness in the current environment and climate. The key factors in the environment is the PANDEMIC and the digital technology advancements. Digital Marketing Plan/ Strategic marketing plan- based on the company analysis and the environment you have to develop a plan to implement.


PESTEL ANALYSIS and SWOT ANALYSIS should be used ,but the focus is on digital technology, digital transformation strategy and enhancing customer experience. Digital technologies- marketing managers are confronted with various challenges surrounding the strategic use of digital technologies and the need to re-think their digital marketing strategies. we need to adapt to the changes in the environment with digital transformation. Customer experience- How can the organization use the power of digital technology to enhance their customer experience Additional material that can help/ notes from class and names of articles that must be used- S- Situation assesses where a business is presently. for example, The pandemic; How should one respond to the current pandemic- It has driven an e-commerce boom technologies enable companies to adapt to changing consumer preferences as it is here to stay. : the pandemic has only accelerated this. ; Companies will need to re-evaluate their business decisions as commerce shifts to digital

ATTACHED ARE THE ARTICLES ON DIGITAL PLATFORM ECOSYSTEMS AND THE AFFORDANCE THEORY THAT NEEDS TO BE USED. O- objectives set the mission or goals for the business S- Strategy is an overview of how to achieve the objectives

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION—Warner and Wager article—Building capabilities for Digital transformation : article attached How to overcome barriers: Westerman, Bonnet and McAfee 2014- nine elements of digital transformation: article attached Dynamic capabilities for digital transformation – Day & Schoemaker 2019: adapt to fast changing markets and tech- article attached Managing Inoovation and change T- tactics are the details of strategy (the marketing mix) A; Actions- how do you ensure excellent execution of the plan: Site design, SEO, Mobile marketing, traffic Building, native advertising, Social Media, Live streaming e-commerce, Online video marketing, Voice, Visual search and programmatic advertising. C- Control establishes how you know whether you are getting there.- social listening, social media listening,, marketing research to control or monitor the performance of a digital marketing campaign.

KEY FACTORS FOR MARKING-– The issues discussed have to be of particular relevancy and importance in todays competitive environment and for the business organization and their customers The Theories: Ecosystem and digital transformation Dynamic capability Creative destruction model The degree of alignment between the theories, ideas and frameworks is important. Evidence of consideration of key references from academic literature along with clear justification of the recommended solutions. Consider the digital technologies : social media, the Internet of Things, Big data, artificial Intelligence. Questions that can be answered in the course of the paper as a form of guidance. What are the opportunities and pitfalls of digital technologies? How do and will these influence businesses and organizations? Macro view— What will be the general implications for guiding management practice? What will be the impact on the current logic of business models? How will management function change through the digital transformation? Will skills like creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative potential be desired competencies in employees? How will different steps of the value chain be impacted? Ethics and regulations— How should firms respond to or influence government regulations? Which legal considerations should be taken into account? What ethical questions emerge from the ongoing digital transformation?

Harvard Style Citation ONLY academic peer reviewed journal articles as references and as recent as possible. word limit is 2500 words.

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