WLDC 201: World Cultures I

Group B: Midterm – Summer 2021

55 minutes

Shane Brennan

Answer 2 of the 3 questions. Each question carries 50 marks.

On receipt of the exam paper please save it to your device under your own name. E.g. Midterm Summer 2021 – Dima Ahmad.

The completed paper is to be emailed to me no later that 15.00. Except for those with special accommodations permission, any paper received after that time will not be accepted and the candidate will be deemed not to have undertaken the exam.

Please note that any dishonorable action will result in automatic failure of the exam and possibly forfeit of all participation marks and referral to the university Honor Counsel.

As I will be checking the scripts carefully the results may not be available until next week.



Answer 2 of 3 questions

1. Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Persian Empire, is buried in a tomb at Pasargadae. On it is written: “O man, I am Cyrus, son of Cambyses, who founded the empire of the Persians, and was king of Asia. Do not therefore grudge me this monument.” What do the monument and the inscription tell us about the character of Cyrus?

2. Discuss the relationship between geography and culture using examples to illustrate and support your answer.

3. How did the site of Gobeklitepe in Turkey change our understanding of the development of human culture?

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