Solved: Hierarchy and power are intrinsic to the current health care system in Australia

Task: Discuss this statement by drawing on sociological theories and concepts. Discuss how Hierarchy and power impacts on you as a Midwife using the related sociological theories and concepts. Discuss how these sociological concepts of Hierarchy and power impacts on you as a midwife in the Australian care system. Further instructions: Please strictly adhere to the following instructions Use the introductory paragraph to clearly and simply state the aims of this paper. Please make it clear that sociology is about the study of social life and that it is an important focus for health practitioners because social factors can have a major influence on how health conditions occur and how they are treated in different locations. Also, explain that there are different approaches to sociological analysis and that these are called perspectives and then relate it with Hierarchy and power on midwifery. Explain that the key perspective in health is the biomedical model, which views health in terms of biological processes within individuals. Explain how this perspective is valuable in clinical practice and research, but does not adequately capture the impact of hierarchy and power on health. Define both of these key concepts (Hierarchy and Power), discuss key propositions from major theorists and theories across both concepts relating the discussion to midwifery. Draw on relevant data to support this discussion/argument. Comment on the data in terms of its relevance and methodology. Bring together the various threads of the discussion/arguments e.g. theories and particular health issues to identify and explore the key implications of midwives in the Australian context. Focus on an example issue, which you situate within the Australian health care system Conclude without adding any new information but reinforcing already stated important information, and offer suggestions for further solutions. Use a combination of journal articles, text books, book chapters, peer reviewed papers and not more than three websites. A total of ten references should be used. Use this as part of your sources. Germov, J (2014). Challenges to medical dominance. In J. Germov (Ed.), Second Opinion; An Introduction to Health Sociology, Melbourne: Oxford University Press, chapter 20. (Set Text) Germov, J. (2014). Class, origins of health inequality. In J. Germov (Ed.), Second opinion: An introduction to health sociology, Melbourne: Oxford University Press, pp81-101 All references should be dated 2012-2017 Cite each and every idea used! Do not just reference a paragraph, but reference each and every idea used in each paragraphs.