Solved: ECON309

ASSIGNMENT 1 Total marks 25-weightage 25% (Available Week 2)

This Individual Assignment relates to the following Learning Outcomes:
  • Knowledge: Recognise the relevance of industrial organisation in the contemporary world and the fundamental models of microeconomics needed to develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  • Communication: Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate theories and knowledge of industrial organisation in technical and non-technical language.
  • Ethical reasoning: Be able to evaluate economic theory and real-world application relevant to efficiency and equity considerations.
  • The assignment must be submitted no later than 9 April, 2018, 5 pm to Business and Economics Student Services (BESS) IN PRINT WITH A COVER SHEET(provided in ilearn)
  • The assignment should be a professional document. Only use A4-size white paper TYPED ANSWERS on SINGLE-SIDED PAGES.
  • No extensions will be granted except in cases where an application for ‘Special Considerations’ has been approved.
  • Late submission will incur a penalty of 10% per day of total available marks.
  • Submissions will not be accepted beyond 96 hours past submission deadline.
  • Avoid plagiarism. The consequence of plagiarism is zeromark.
  • Get familiarized with the academic honesty policy: and-procedures/policies/academic-honesty
Please make sure that All questions are answered with the reasoning where needed with answers typed using a Word Processor (e.g. MSWord). All answers are presented in proper sequence of the assignment and in clear language. Please read the Assignment Rubric and make sure that the answers are up to the criteria
Question 1: (Word limit 1000 words, Mark: 12.5)
Discuss the Microsoft Corporation Versus United Sates Antitrust Law case in your own words. Do you think that this case set a “dangerous precedent that foreshadowed increasing government regulation of what was formerly an industry that was relatively free of government intrusion and that future technological progress in the industry will be impeded as a result” (Quote from Milton Friedman: A case study of the Microsoft and DOJ, Unites States is enclosed:
Question 2: (Word limit 1000 words, Mark: 12.5)
Enclosed a news article on Oracle Antitrust Case ( Discuss how does the definition of market play a vital role in Oracle-PeopleSoft versus DOJ case. For both questions provide full bibliography following any consistent style.