Demographic Project for Population Geography

When you have identified the particular country, you are to do the following:

  1. Do a historical narrative.  Tell where the place is and something about its origin, age, evolution, etc. Immigration history and other voluntary or involuntary mass movements of people.
  1. Then you are to discuss its geographical characteristics. You must include a  map or maps. (color preferred) You can always get one off of the internet.  Geographical characteristics include physical size, location, climate, population density, nutritional density, agricultural density, water mass, land mass, bordering country(s),  coastline, etc.
  1. Populations Pyramid-This is an important component of your demographic project. This pyramid gives the shape of your country with respect to age sex characteristics whish allows you to look at your pyramid and see what percentage of the populations of your country fall in what age and sex category. This is always important to demographers because it aids in planning for the development of a country or nation. You have to know what percent of the population are between the ages of 10-14 15 19,etc…….What percent are males and what percentage are females. This is why a population pyramid is such a vital tool to demographers and MUST BE included in your project.
  1. Include in your discussion, something about its people or demographic characteristics; population size, ethnic make up; age and sex profile; educational composition, age and sex structure of the various cohort groups; youth cohort, middle age cohort and old age cohort etc.  Birth rates, mortality rates, fertility rate must be covered. You MUST include a population pyramid in your paper, in color.
  1. Fertility  rate/characteristics; life expectancy, infant mortality rate, annual growth rate; birth rates;  doubling time of the population; dependency load or dependency ratio.
  1. Then you need to talk about its political history; its government structure.  Are they governed by a democracy, dictatorship, communist regime, etc. Political conflicts that have occurred over the years, ethnic strife, etc.  Example would be the conflict that have occurred in Bosnia and Herzegovina .
  1. Religious history; type of religions; majority versus minority; Muslims versus                             

Describe in detail

  1. Economic structure; types of industries; where people are employed; average         

Family/median  income earned; type of currency; standard of living compared with the rest of the world.

  1. Languages, dialects, communication, education system.  Types of schools,      

Public schools, elementary and high schools, vocational and trade; colleges and universities.

  1. Health and disease history; what major epidemic or pandemics have  your country experienced during its history and how devastating was the disease? How may people did the disease kill or destroy?
  1. Significance or importance of the place and its place in world history. Its major

Contributions to the world, culturally, politically, socially, intellectually and economically..

  1. Why did you develop an interest in your  place or region?  What connections or

Sense of place or community do you have with this region? How do you identify?

  1. Push and Pull factors that have contributed to its current population size and mix.  

Here, your are to include such factors as war, famine, political oppression, ethnic cleansing,  tribal wars and conflict among various factions, earthquakes, droughts, hurricanes, natural catastrophes, storms, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, twisters, other environmental hazards, etc. Also any government sanctioned policy or policies that have impacted the population either positively or negatively such as immigration policies, migration policies and patterns, etc.

  1. Future of the country in terms of social, economic, political, demographic outlook.  Does the future of the country look bright or dim? Why or why not?
  1. Governmental policies on population growth and development.

You must develop at least 15 power point slides that are separate from you demographic. Prepare your slides in the same manner that you would do if we were meeting in class face to face and you were presenting your country to your classmates. The only difference now is you will be presenting them to an audience of one which will me be. You slides should say something about each of the 15 characteristics that you are describing in your overall paper. This is an important  project so do not take it for granted!!! When you are done, nobody will be more of an expert on your country than you. This is what demography and populations geography is all about. Your paper is to be formatted like a regular research paper with each category labelled. You must have a table of contents with your pagers numbered,  a cover page and a reference cited page.

I want you to pour yourself into this project. Just don’t do it to earn a grade. I want you to really develop a sense of personal identity with your country.. Once you are done, I want to be able to read your project and determine if this is a country that I would want to visit or go on vacation to. I want to be able to feel your passion just from reading your work. .Your project must be double-spaced the same as a regular research paper.

Your paper must contain relevant data sources, books, journals, statistical data books, other published material.

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