Mini-Assignment 3 – Consequences Assignment

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Read the case below. In a 400- to 1000-word essay make an ethical argument that answers the question at the end of the case—What would you [the department head] do next?—based on the likely consequences, or outcomes, of what you propose to do. As this is an argumentative style essay, it must have a thesis statement. Please review argumentative essays (Links to an external site.)and thesis statements (Links to an external site.) provided by the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL). Each of the mini assignments focuses on one element of ethical analysis.

For this essay, your argument should be focused on the consequences, or outcomes, for the interested parties of the recommended course of action. Your argument should address both major and minor consequences of the course of action you propose and explicitly articulate their relative weights of different consequences in your reasoning. Do not use HIPAA as a rule in your essay. While it may apply, HIPAA has not been covered in class, and you are not expected to understand it. For the regulatory aspects of rules, you should focus instead on regulations protecting human research participants.

Case[1] Dr. Jones has attended a meeting on eukaryotic growth factors, and heard her coworker Dr. Sidney Walter give his keynote address. His overview involved some clinical studies, and he showed slides of patients undergoing procedures as part of an institutionally approved clinical trial. In all instances the faces of the patients were clearly visible. On two other slides there were clinical materials depicted, and those were labeled with the patient’s name. One tissue sample was clearly labeled with a tag that read “Mrs. MacDonald.” Mrs. MacDonald is Dr. Jones’ stepmother, and she is upset that her stepmother’s information has been given to everyone attending this lecture. After the conference is over Dr. Jones comes to you, as the department head that oversees Dr. Walter, and reports the potential breach of confidentiality. She is visibly still upset, but she also was not involved in this project and does not know the parameters or the protocol. You go to Dr. Walter to review the protocol and find that there was no special permission to show de-identified patient information.

Since you are the supervisor in this context, what will you do next? What are the possible consequences, or outcomes for the interested parties, and how do these consequences drive your choice of action? Possible options you have as Dr. Walter’s supervisor include: sending Dr. Walter to researcher rehab, reporting to another part of your university, reporting to the funding body, dismissing Dr. Jones’s concerns as unimportant, and additional options not listed here.

Your argument for this essay will be the option you chose and an explanation of why you chose it grounded in the consequences, or outcomes, for the interested parties. The Fine Print Responses should: Be submitted via Canvas Be 400 – 1000 words Uses 2 distinct citations from course material Use a standard 10 or 12-point font Use standard 1 to 1.25-inch margins When you draw on course materials, you need to cite them appropriately. Your essay should include in-text citations or footnotes and a bibliography or works cited list. You may use any major citation system you are comfortable with—MLA, APA, Chicago, etc. However, include page numbers in your in-text citations or footnotes. Although including page numbers in citations is unusual in scientific citation styles, citations to our text are not very illuminating without them. Other than adding page numbers, pick one system, know how to use it, and use it consistently.

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