Solved: Learning Technologies used in Online Courses

Assignment Prompt
The world of nursing is rapidly changing and evolving. Nursing education pedagogy must continually reflect the practice of nursing. The field of education technologies is exploding and nurse educators must be willing to access and use these technologies and platforms in order to meet the needs of the future nurses. Emerging technologies in education include mobile, game-based learning, gamification, cloud computing; tablet computing, simulations, virtual laboratories; virtual patients, virtual healthcare settings, learning analytics; wearable technology, social media and 3-D Printing to name a few. Students will investigate emerging learning technologies used with online courses. Students are encouraged to think creatively and search for innovative technologies used in other disciplines that might have application to nursing education. Student will identify five (5) emerging technologies. The technologies may be stand alone or a combination of technologies used for a specific learning purpose. The student will provide 6 - 8 page description of the technologies and its application in a nursing online course. The student will provide two (2) to three (3) specific examples of the use of the technology in nursing education for each selected technology. This paper will need to include a title page and brief introduction Expectations Length: 6 - 8 pages, excluding title page and reference page Format: APA Style (6th edition), 1-inch margins with double spacing, proper APA formatting with level 1 and possibly level 2 APA headings Structure: include a title page, introduction, body Research: at least five (5) currently relevant scholarly (peer reviewed) references Writing: Use correct grammar and sentence construction: clear expression of ideas READINGS • Module Overview • DeYoung: o Ch. 9 - Teaching Psychomotor Skills o Ch. 11 - Clinical Teaching • Wittmann-Price, R. A., et al.: o Ch. 6 - Skills Laboratory Learning o Ch. 7 - Facilitating Learning in the Clinical Setting o Ch. 8 - Learning with Simulation • Martindale’s Virtual Nursing Center