Mental Health Needs

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Make sure that you have read the assignment carefully before submitting. More specifically, make sure that it is AT LEAST 10 (5 FULL PAGES FOR EACH COMPONENT) pages FULL of content (excluding title page, abstract page (yes, you need one), and reference pages) with a minimum of 7 plus references (you can have more) from the UT-Martin Library full-text electronic databases. Make sure that your references are from academic, peer-reviewed journals or books. The paper must also be in APA format/style.


Component 1= 40 points / Component 2= 45 points

APA = 10 points

Spelling, grammar, length, etc. = 5 points

This assignment will have two major components. Each component needs to be approximately 5 FULL pages in length (excluding your APA cover page, abstract page, and reference page(s)). The paper needs to be written in APA format. You do have to include an abstract. A minimum of 7 resources need to be used in writing this paper.

Component 1: Evaluate the overall mental health needs of your community. The goal of this section of the paper is to familiarize yourself with the overall community needs regarding mental health. This component is a summary of information about the community and its mental health needs. Describe the community members (overall culture and demographics). In your discussion of mental health needs, describe what resources are already available. You may need to talk with local mental health counselors to discover information.

Component 2: Evaluate your community’s approach to meeting the mental health needs discovered in component 1. Then, describe how your community could better meet the mental health needs by discussing what resources are lacking and resources and programs you would add to help meet the community’s mental health needs. This component is about critically evaluating how the local community as a whole meets the mental health needs and a program (or multiple programs) you design to help meet those needs.

All papers must be submitted in APA format – title page, abstract, spacing, margins, justifying, page numbering, etc. See pages  in the APA Style Manual for examples. Papers incorrectly submitted will be returned to the author without comment for correction. 

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