Solved: 1-2 Assignment: Portfolio Setup/VDI Access

For this assignment, you will learn how to access MS Visio through SNHUs virtual desktop (VDI) environment. You will also be creating an e-portfolio home page using Chalk and Wire. Follow these instructions to access the VDI. On the left side of your Learning Environment, use the "Chalk and Wire" tab to access Chalk & Wire to set up your e-portfolio account. Review 1.1–1.7 of the Create a Customizable Portfolio guide. Bookmark this guide in your web browser for future reference as you continue through this course. Please note when you are creating the new Portfolio for purposes of this course you will not select a department but rather leave option 1. “unassigned.” Next, create a welcome page for your portfolio within Chalk & Wire. The welcome page should include your short professional biography. Read What to Do When You Need a Bio, Rather Than a Résumé as a reference for a professional biography. Some of the artifacts used in your e-portfolio may require access to SNHU’sthe VDI, SNHU’s virtual desktop. The link to access the VDI can be found on the left side of your Learning Environment. Follow these instructions to access the VDI.