Assignment: Research Paper for World Lit I

For your research paper, you will be writing an analytical essay over one of the works we have read this semester in class. You may choose to write about one of the works we have read concerning epics or one concerning creation of mankind/society. Please keep in mind that you have a minimum requirement of 1200 words for your paper (4-5 pages); thus, you need to choose a work which you have a lot to say about and which you can find numerous secondary sources to elaborate on your ideas.

Format and Requirements:

o 1200 word minimum for the paper

o MLA format (Name, course, instructor, date, title, page numbers, header and footer, and double-spaced): Consult an MLA handbook or online MLA format source in order to ensure you are following correct format.

o   Works Cited Page with 4 sources (at least 2 of the 4 sources must be books—the text/work you chose does not count as 1 of the 4):

§ While using direct quotes from the primary source (the novel itself) is required, you are also responsible for finding secondary sources in order to support your thesis.

§     Secondary sources include books, articles, electronic sources, etc…written by academics on the author and the novel.

§     These sources will be cited and listed in your Works Cited Page.

(Consult an MLA handbook or online MLA format source in order to ensure you are following correct format for the Works Cited page).

Remember that in an analytical essay, you are examining the text and must use direct quotes in order to provide evidence of your thesis.  In addition, your thesis should consist of a topic and your opinion over the topic.  For instance, when choosing a literary element, your opinion should consist of why you think the author chose the point of view, themes, symbols, setting, etc…that he chose. What does the author convey to the reader by his or her use of this literary element? What do you think is his or her purpose? How does the author show the characteristics of the time in which the work was written?

If you are having trouble coming up with a topic, I have listed a few topics that may help you in determining what you would like to write about.

•    Discuss the concept of a hero in epic literature

•    Explore the role of women in epic literature

•    Discuss the importance of religion in establishing order in society

•    Explore the concept of social and religious classes as depicted in Canterbury Tales

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