Solved: Interactive Activity

Go to this documentary on “You Tube”. Watch one or more of the segments (there are 11 segments that are between 2 and 10 minutes long). From one segment select one issue that you feel is specific to students who are currently on our College or University Campuses. Reflect on both the positive and negative issues and information that is presented in one or more of the segments. Then submit a brief (1 page or less) Reflection Paper on what you might be able to do when you are employed as an Administrator on a College or University Campus to address the issue that you identified and selected. If you select a positive issue write about how you might enhance and further improve that issue for the students on campus. If you select a negative issue, write about what you might try to do to bring about change and improvement concerning that issue. It does not matter if you select a negative or positive issue to write about. Your reflection on either side of an issue is welcomed.