HUSR 201: Professional Interview

50 Points

For this assignment, my goal is for you to interview a professional at an agency/non-profit of interest to you; face-to-face is preferred, but zoom or via phone will suffice. The interview is an effective way to learn more about the Human Service field, populations, job requirements, and opportunities. It also provides an excellent opportunity to build your confidence and communication skills.

Please use the following format (cut and paste my outline and put your answers within) to complete the following 3 sections:

1.       Person you interviewed (5 points):

1.       Name

2.       Job Title

3.       Job Function

4.       Name of agency/non-profit and general mission

2.       Please ask the following questions and give a detailed summary of the responses (20 points):

1.       What is the best thing about your job?

2.       What is the best thing about working in this field/with the population you serve?

3.       What would you change about your job if you could?

4.       What advice would you give someone who is interested in this career?

5.       What kind of experience and qualifications are required for your job?

6.       Which training courses would you recommend for me regarding this role?

7.       Are there any written materials you suggest I read?

8.       Are there any professional organizations that I should consider joining?

9.       What personal qualities do you believe contribute most to success in this role?

10.   What changes/trends do you see, in your field/with the population you serve, within the next 5-10 years?

3.       Finally, reflect on your interview (20 points):

1.       Share the feelings you had throughout the interview. Were you excited? Curious? Bored? Etc...? Explain why? (Be honest… perhaps this is not a population you want to work with…perhaps the job position is of no interest…. perhaps you cannot wait to learn more and see if you can intern there…etc.…)

2.       What were your favorite parts of the interview? Why? What might this tell you about yourself?

3.       What new ideas or concepts did I learn?

-writing, following directions, elaboration of ideas (5 points)

Please only upload PDFs or Word docs.