Solved: Assessment 2 – Individual Business Report

Content I consider that the greatest challenges facing organisations today are: 1) Managing and retaining millennial employees - note that by 2025 millennials will comprise of 75% of the global workforce (The Deloitte Millennial Survey); 2) Managing an effective multi-channel digital platform; 3) Creating a culture for continual innovation and 4) Meeting the needs of an increasingly discerning and empowered millennial customer base. With the knowledge you have gained in this module you are required to write a business report detailing your recommendations on how an organisation of your choice, can best meet and manage these four contemporary challenges. Your report must address the following:
  • Talent Management – recommend the best ways to motivate and performance management the millennial workforce. Apply relevant research (primary and/or secondary) including management theory to support your recommendations.
  • Digitisation – provide a detailed digital marketing plan which will help to ensure that the organisation can effectively compete in the digital world. “Millennials’ affinity for technology is reshaping the
retail space. With product information, reviews and price comparisons at their fingertips, Millennials are turning to brands that can offer maximum convenience at the lowest cost” (Goldman Sachs).
  • Innovation – recommend, applying relevant management theory, the culture and management style(s) which you consider will best encourage innovative working practices.
  • Customer Engagement – recommend ways in which the organisation can maintain the loyalty and trust of its existing customers and grow its customer base. Included here should be recommendations aligned with CSR and business ethics.
In the report’s introduction, provide a brief background to the organisation so your marker can understand the context in which your recommendations apply. Mark Allocation Higher marks will be awarded to work which clearly shows insightful recommendations based on a strong knowledge base which draws and correctly applies a range of management theories. It is good to draw upon other organisations as examples of best practice in the areas that you are discussing. All sources used must be referenced to the academic standards of either Harvard or Vancouver. Submission The format of this assessment will be 2,500 word business report and this must be submitted via Moodle by Thursday 14th December 2017, 1000 hours.