Solved: Informed Reaction Paper

One 3-5 page, typed and double-spaced, informed reaction paper is required for this course. Topic choices are treatment of autism, treatment of Alzheimer’s, and the right to die. The paper is worth 50 points. Informed means that this paper must have citation in text (APA style) and a reference page (also APA) with a minimum of 3 scholarly references. Wikipedia and your textbook do not count! Wikipedia as a reference will cause a five point deduction on your paper. The paper format is that of a simple research paper. Do not use the APA format for the body of your paper. Write it as you would any research paper with 1 inch margins and double spaced. You do not need all the sections of our format which is meant for publishing research we have conducted. I will also caution you that writing one or more pages on the definition of autism or Alzheimer’s will result in a lower grade on the paper.