Solved: A Personal Theoretical Framework for APNs

Apply what you have learned about the synthesis of nursing theories in the development of advanced practice nursing; your ability to evaluate nursing theory and theoretical frameworks for advanced practice nursing; to select an appropriate theory that reflects your personal theory based philosophy of advanced practice nursing. Directions: Develop a personal theoretical framework for advanced practice nursing: 1. (100 words) Introduce a nursing theory that appeals to you and is appropriate for your area of advanced practice nursing. Build a thesis statement for your Personal Theoretical Framework for nursing. 2. (150 words) Define the theory you have chosen in A by identifying the fundamental constructs of the theory. Define how these constructs compared to the Theory of Human Caring. 3. (100 words) Answer the question: How could I apply the understanding of this theory to my personal practice as an advanced practice nurse? • Week 8: Signature Assignment Assignment Starts Apr 23, 2018 1:00 AM When you are ready to submit your work, do the following: 1. If you dont see "Submissions" below, find the Dropbox submission for this Week. 2. When you submit your assignment it goes through Turnitin, a plagiarism software, to be sure that your work is less than 20% duplicated from other sources unless otherwise noted. Take the time to correct it so the report verifying your work is less than 20% or as required by your instructor. You may edit your submission and resubmit it up to three times or per your instructor’s directions.