Microsoft SQL Server Commands

4.2. Assignment

Microsoft SQL Server is one implementation of ANSI SQL. It contains many features and functions, providing a powerful tool used by many organizations. For this assignment, let’s investigate the following:

  • Describe two features of the SQL Server that have been included in more recent versions of SQL Server. Include the version it was added in. Describe how the historical change to the software has supported information management needs. 
  • Identify two Microsoft SQL Server commands or functions that were not covered in this module’s material.
  • Describe the command or function.
  • Provide an example and explain how it works.

You are free to cite an example from other sources, but make sure that the example pertains to Microsoft SQL Server, not some other database management system. The Microsoft website contains extensive documentation on SQL Server. Do not post commands or functions that have been posted, let’s expand our knowledge base; so be sure to check the prior postings first.

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