Solved: Organization Analysis

One key to your project will be recognizing whether your firm has attained a sustained competitive advantage, a sustained competitive disadvantage, or neither. A second key will be explaining why the firm has performed in this manner. Finally, a third key will be recommending what future course(s) of action might improve the firm’s performance. A guideline for the final project is provided below. I. Does your firm have competitive advantage/disadvantage? FIRM INTRODUCTION: Briefly summarize, in approximately one page or less, your chosen firm. This can include the history of your chosen firm, its products and markets, its geographic diversification, its relative size, its organizational structure, its competitors, its ownership, etc. This description should occupy one page at most! FINANCIAL ANALYSIS: Conduct a thorough financial assessment of the firm and its peers. Use the measures of return. Compare your firm’s performance to relevant competitors over at least five years here. A thorough analysis will also include examination of the firms’ financial statements for obvious anomalous changes (e.g., extraordinary items), identification of such anomalies, and correction for such anomalies if possible. Other firm financial data may also be included if it is relevant to your story. You should conclude, based on your financial analysis, whether your firm has a sustained advantage, a sustained, disadvantage, or neither. * no conclusion needed as this is the introduction and beginning of a group assignment.