Global 1 Paper Prompt 3: Syrian Crisis

How are the recent terrorist attacks in Paris impacting the international community’s attempts to develop multilateral solutions to the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis?

Some possible resources:

To Save Paris, Defeat ISIS

What Will Come After Paris

Terrorism Expert Warns Isis Is Trying To Incite War With Paris Attacks


Ways to Respond to the Paris Attacks

Paris Terror Attacks Transform Debate Over Europe’s Migration Crisis

Refugees Across Europe Fear Repercussions From Paris Attacks

The Refugees & the New War


We are not asking you to simply summarize the readings or answer the questions above. We are asking you to use concepts from the course readings and lectures to make your own coherent argument about the topic. Cite specific concepts, short quotes and examples from the readings as evidence to support your own argument.

Your paper should be 1000-1200 words or about 3-4 pages. Remember that citations are required for both paraphrasing and direct quotes from either the text or lecture. Feel free to cite other books and articles as needed. Include a full list of works cited at the back.

Please pay careful attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation. Please submit your paper on the course website under “Paper Assignment 3” by 5:00 pm on Tuesday December 8th. If you have trouble submitting your paper online please email it directly to your TA.

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