Memo Assignment

You are an investment advisor and your clients, Marilyn and David, require your services. Marilyn and David are both 65 and are about to retire. They have no assets other than $1,600,000 in cash savings, and they have no debts. They wish to maintain their current lifestyle during their retirement years

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Strategic Plan Template

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This course will feature a cumulative assignment starting in Week 1 and concluding in Week 5. You will complete this assignment each week using the Strategic Plan Template provided. This document will be used in conjunction with the Phoenix Hospital 5-Year Strategic Plan Scenario

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Enter the Conversation

After reading and pondering on the letters from Baldwin and Davis, choose one of the letters and prepare to break down the argument. Your main points should relate to the claims made in the letter. Consider two or three claims for an essay of this size and choose based on ones you have a strong opinion

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Module 4 examines how stars are formed from the matter, or cosmic dust, of “empty” space and how they evolve, live, and eventually die. The mass of a star determines how long it lives and how violently it dies. Planet formation appears to be a common result of star formation, and exoplanets are just about everywhere


AFRM Assignment 1

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This coursework focuses on a new area of risk management and financial markets and will require some research. Read the following article from the “Current issues in financial markets” section of the FRM readings

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Syllabus for AST-101

Introductory Astronomy explores the history and development of astronomy, including the major contributions and discoveries of the scientists who have shaped the field, the objects that can (and cannot) be seen in the nighttime sky, and the birth and fate of the universe

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NURS3020 Reflection Paper

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The purpose of this assignment is to allow the student to reflect on a real-life case of cultural disparity and the impact those differences may have on the individual and family’s attainment of health and well-being. Students will have the opportunity to identify culturally congruent practices that can positively influence patient care outcomes

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